Kashal Tee – The Official Bootleg (2002)

By 7 augusti, 2017Artists, English
  • 01. Kashal-Tee – I’m All This
  • 02. Kashal-Tee – Coup De Grace
  • 03. Kashal-Tee – Who’s Testin’ ft. Seron
  • 04. Kashal-Tee – Emasculation ft. Sankofa
  • 05. Kashal-Tee – Lazarus Syndrome ft. Society Of NIMH
  • 06. Kashal-Tee – You Like That, Dontcha B!tch ft. Sankofa
  • 07. Kashal-Tee – Blood, Sweat And Beers
  • 08. Kashal-Tee – Kill You Style ft. Loop Troop
  • 09. Kashal-Tee – 616 Rewind ft. Celph Titled, CunninLynguists, Sankofa, Tonedeff
  • 10. Kashal-Tee – Flip Fast ft. Superscientifiku
  • 11. Kashal-Tee – So Be It ft. Sankofa, Seron

Kashal-Tee is a rapper from Sweden, with a special talent for one liners. Kashal-Tee’s style ranges from the absurd and ironic, to the vividly honest. His unique way of putting lyrics together has rendered him the status as being one of the most clever punchline emcees on this planet. He made quite an impact during the early 2000s underground Hip-Hop scene in Sweden. This was greatly attributed to his nearly perfected American accent and his perceived ability to compete lyrically with the likes of Eminem, Chino XL, and Rakim. With just a few records to his name, Kashal-Tee remains exceptionally prominent and frequently quoted.

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Kashal Tee - The Official Bootleg (2002)